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The Soggy Puffin

Mackay Candle Company - Coffee Caramel

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a crispy wafer with rich caramel and notes of mocha.

The library jar candles come in a round glass jar with a copper modern style lid.

Small candle      - approximately 15 hours. Net weight is 3.5 oz.
Medium candle - approximately 35 hours. Net weight is 7 oz.
Large candle     - approximately 50 hours. Net weight is 10 oz.

The candles are made of:

  • 100% natural soy wax –– non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Premium fragrance oils.
  • A cotton flat braid wick –– free of lead and zinc.
  • 100% recyclable glass jars –– just wash with soap and water.

Please note that each candle may have slight variances as all products are hand poured in small batches and flaws are normal as they indicate that the candle is made with 100% natural soy wax with no additives.