The story behind The Soggy Puffin

We have been asked what a puffin (not to mention a soggy one) has to do with Ontario.

In July 2017, we (Christian, David, and Linda) made our first trip to Iceland.

On the black beaches of Vik, taken aback by the sheer number of tourists, we decided to explore a bit further away from the rest. Later, on our way back to the car, we suddenly spotted a puffin that was clearly in distress. He was floating in the water and kept taking a beating from the waves. He seemed dazed – and somehow… soggy.

Without thinking too long, David donned a pair of gloves, made his way over the slippery rocks and picked the little fella up. The puffin did not struggle at all and David placed him on dry ground. We watched him for a while to make sure he was recovering, named him Muffin, and moved him a few times until we were satisfied that he was in the safest possible spot. We were, of course, very tempted to adopt the little guy and take him home.

Every now and then, we’d think of him and wonder how he’s doing.

Somehow the name Soggy Puffin stuck. When we started to plan a business together it became clear that we would call it so.

This is Muffin

photo by David G. Herzog