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  • soulbottle thesoggypuffin canada glass bottle drinking bottle plastic-free waste-free sustainable sustainability

    soulbottles and the soggy puffin

    When were living in Europe, we discovered soulbottles as the perfect alternative to single-use, plastic bottles.

    They are sustainably-made out of quality glass, ceramic, stainless steel and natural rubber. They are toxin-free, neutral-tasting, easy to clean and... pretty!

    When we heard they were not available in Canada, we decided we HAD to bring them. 

    So we did.

    Have a look - they are awesome!

  • things we love...

    ... organic cocoa and coffee – shade-grown to support songbirds and butterflies

    ...small batch tea from local suppliers

    ...packaging that is eco-friendly ...fairtrade products

    ...small batch maple syrup - tapped, collected,
    boiled and filtered the traditional way

    ...superbly crafted, hand-rolled cones: each cone is carefully picked, rolled and hand tied with care & attention to detail

    ... handmade candles made from natural soy wax, premium fragrance oils and a cotton wick

    ...jam that spreads hope - made from beautiful Ontario fruit

    ...all natural hot sauces - made in Toronto water bottles that are sustainable…

  • canadian collection

    A special edition of soulbottles, designed by Canadian artists.

    One dollar from each sold bottle will go the Canadian water project: Water First (

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