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The Soggy Puffin

Alpagua 0.6 l

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by Daniel Meller
Drum roll please… welcome the alpagua!
Fresh from the Andean highlands, the
alpagua blends coolness with saving the
world. When not dancing or sleeping, the
alpagua loves bringing water projects to life
with its homies from Viva con Agua.
two color print

Looking for a place to refill your soulbottle on the go? created this fabulous map, listing all the friendly businesses, restaurants, cafés,... that provide public access to their tap water! Avoiding single-use plastic bottles is getting easier.

soulbottles are completely non-toxic and plastic-free glass drinking bottles made in Germany. They are produced climate neutral and fair and, for every sold bottle, 1€ goes to drinking water projects, Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. and "Welthungerhilfe".

The world's cleanest and best drinking bottle - now available in Canada