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The Soggy Puffin

For Seven Generations - 0.6 l

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by Mark Nadjiwan

Whiskeyjack was always stealing the food of the People. When they questioned him about how he always knew where to find their food, he replied “Ah, it is because the Earth is my plate and one should know how to clean their own plate.” One can see Whiskeyjack holding onto his bounty as he looks over his shoulder at the gazing man. In the large circle below him is the, land and water. But today, Whiskeyjack has another message for all of his declining numbers. Due to climate change, his winter food stores are now spoiling before spring and he is starving. He tells us, firstly, that humankind’s tendency to take too much from the plate of the Earth causes these changes in the seasons. And secondly, that we must remember to think beyond our own welfare and ensure the well-being of the next seven generations, represented by the seven red berries.

This beautiful design is from the extraordinarily talented indigenous visual artist, Mark Nadjiwan. To learn more about him and see more of his work, visit Three Trees Art

For Seven Generations is a 0.6 l bottle.

Part of a special Canadian edition, designed by Canadian artists. One dollar from each sold bottle will go the Canadian water project: Water First (


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